Our core business is concrete(cast-in-situ) work. As experienced specialists, we have the highest theoretical and practical competence in this field to ensure every project is executed to the highest quality.

Large construction projects require order assured by detailed control of the production process. Therefore, we take a professional approach to the concrete process within the framework and timescales of the project documentation. Our working model is based on a safe workplace concept aligned to increased efficiency to avoid interruption of production.

Every project we work on is backed up with our unrivalled expertise in concrete works.

Our skilled design team is one of our main advantages on every project we carry out as well as our intelligent engineers who support our site managers and skilled workmen to a high level:

  • Industrial installations
  • Parking garages
  • Concrete foundations for windmills
  • Foundations
  • Bridges, viaducts, tunnels
  • Concrete tanks
  • Reconstruction works

VMS specializes in building frame assembly works. We work with our own crews who are overseen by an experienced construction managers. 

In partnership with general contractor and other subcontractors VMS is reliable subcontractor on site . We perform prefabricated element assembly work under safe working conditions, continuous control and excellent quality.


Through well-established partners VMS ensure, fast price effective reinforcement steel delivery to site (reinforcement in bars, cut & bend rebar, reinforcement mesh, reinforcement rollmesh).

Straight bars

Hot rolled straight steel rebars are used in any concrete structure and building. The usual length of rebars is 12 metres, but for processing purposes, we can purchase up to 14 metres long rebars.
Straight rebars are available in the following standards and technical classes.

Standard: DIN 488
Technical class: B500B
Bar diameters: 8–40 mm
Length: up to 14 m
Packages: 1t, up to 2.5t & up to 4.5t bundles

Standard: SFS 1300
Technical class: B500B
Bar diameters: 8–32 mm
Length: up to 14 m
Packages: 1t, up to 2.5t & up to 4.5t bundles

Standard: SS 212540
Tehnical class: K500B-T and K500C-T
Bar diameters:: 10–32 mm
Length: up to 14 m
Packages: 1t, up to 2.5t & up to 4.5t bundles

Standard: NS 3576:3
Technical class: B500NC
Bar diameters: 10–32 mm
Length: up to 14 m
Packages: 1t, up to 2.5t & up to 4.5t bundles

Cut & Bent reinforcement

We deliver any complexity cut & bent (C&B)  reinforcement details according to the customer’s requirements and drawings.

According to necessity, we are capable of C&B both type reinforcements – hot rolled and cold rolled reinforcement.

Production processes are certified by GlobeCert AB.

Reinforcement meshes

Reinforcement mesh is being welded from cold rolled reinforcement in coils, what is straightened prior to welding. To be used in concrete structures like ceilings, walls, etc. We can offer meshes in following standards and technical classes:


Standard: DIN488
Technical class: Bst500M
Bar diameters: 5–12 mm
Mesh length: 3,0–6,0 m
Mesh width: up to 2,4 m


Standard: NS 3576:4
Technical class: B500NA
Bar diameters: 5–12 mm
Mesh length: 3,0–6,0 m
Mesh width: up to 2,4 m


Standard: SFS 1257
Technical class: B500K
Bar diameters: 5–10 mm
Mesh length: 3,0–6,0 m
Mesh width: up to 2,4 m


Standard: NS 3576:4
Technical class: B500NA
Bar diameters: 5–12 mm
Mesh length: 3,0–6,0 m
Mesh width: up to 2,4 m

Metal spacers/ZETTFIX

Mesh distance spacers are used in concrete structures to have exact distance between meshes or bars.

According to customer needs, we can produce metal spacers in amplitude 40 – 180mm with step 10mm. The length of all spacers is the same – 2000mm.

Reinforcement carcasses

BetonMax is welding reinforcement carcasses for concrete constructions.

We are capable to produce most of the shapes and complex carcasses.

The amplitude of used rebars in produced carcasses is 6-40 mm.

Covering system SPINMASTER

We offer SPINMASTER covering system – a fast and effective tool to cover great areas with reinforcement using tiny effort and amount of labour. Unlike others, this system is produced without welding, just binding the reinforcement. The double binding method is used to have the covering roll size exact. One covering roll can consist of customer ordered bar diameter, roll length and weight.

SPINMASTER covering system installation at the site is an even faster process than the installation of reinforcement meshes.

About one-tonne heavy roll can be installed just in few minutes without highly qualified labour.

Reinforcement detailing

Detailing (detailed design drawings):

  • Drawings of carcasses/cages
  • Drawings of Spinmaster technology products (rollmesh)
  • Drawings of mesh
  • Cut and bended reinforcement (Cutting / bending)


  • Choice of optimal solution for steel bar reinforcement according to the engineering requirements of the project for reinforced concrete structures (rollmesh, cages, meshes, etc.)
  • Optimal solutions for reduction of reinforcement scrap

Waterproofing and insulation of the foundations (if necessary) of the buildings under construction and existing ones. Depending on the substrate, we use either elastic or inelastic mineral waterproofing coatings, bitumen screeds, bituminous roll materials and art-based roll materials for waterproofing. We also install waterproofing membranes under the base plate before concrete casting.

  • waterproofing in case of moist soil
  • waterproofing in case of non-pressurized water
  • waterproofing in case of pressurized water
  • installation of drainage mat (foundation cover), heat insulation boards or special protection boards to protect the waterproofing

Agricultural construction is important area of activity We have completed complicated task related to different types of agriculture related activities The basis for this is long-time experience, detailed competence, and a wide spectrum of service offerings.
We offer full services from design through building construction.

Thanks to experience and good cooperation with equipment suppliers, we can offer a reasonable schedule, flexible payment plans, proper management, and long-term guarantees.

We build:

  • Barns
  • Manure tanks
  • Round containers
  • Silos and feeding tanks
  • Grain complexes
  • Biogas stations and storage tanks